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Company history

Everyone deserves to find their happiness, to be appreciated and loved. At the same time, many people experience difficulties in communication, in finding a true soulmate and they force themselves to be content with the unworthy relationships that they have at hand. With time they accustom themselves to tolerate this person and become afraid of loosing him. Because the fear of being alone is inherent for every person. Very often such people lack an objective view from the outside. Helping them is the main reason why I founded my company.

Uniting people is what I always enjoyed. The desire to introduce someone to each other, and the ability to see the compatibility of couples from "outside" helped me with this. It all started with my friend who had to endure inappropriate treatment from her husband. I tried to talk to that person, but he didn't want to change anything. Then I helped with their parting. I was able to convey my friend that she deserved more. After a while, I helped her again - this time to marry an American entrepreneur.

Grace Family Philosophy

The values behind our company

01. With care about people

Our mission is to help people gain their confidence, to find themselves and a worthy soulmate in their life - to make people happy. Each harmonious couple that we had helped to find themselves is our little victory


02. The team provides the best results

We believe that everyone can achieve great heights, but truly great victories are possible only due to teamwork. Harmonious relationship in the team, synergy of employees and customers - this is our key to such victories


03. Flexible cooperation terms

A personal approach to each client and employee is at the basis of the company's policy. We always find the most mutually beneficial options - this is what distinguishes us as professionals and enthusiasts in our field


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