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Grace Family services

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    Finding the man who's the best right for you

    Each of us has his own ideas about the ideal partner. With our help you can find the one, the only one with whom to spend all your life hand in hand in joy and happiness

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    Translator for dates and business meetings

    We will help you overcome the language barrier, find common interests and take the first steps towards the development of harmonious relations

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    Free registration

    Together we will reveal your strengths and create your unique image. You can register on our website completely free of charge

Additional paid services

  • Stylist services

    Our stylists-image-makers will help
    you to create a unique image.
    People with rich experience
    and a sense of beauty will
    choose for you a special
    image, make-up, hairstyle,
    clothes that will reflect
    your inner "I" and set you
    apart from other women

  • Photoshoot

    We will search for an image that will
    emphasize your individuality and conduct
    a professional photo session:
    our photographer will
    help you feel free
    in front of the camera,
    suggest the best poses
    for a better shot, take
    pictures of you in three depictions.
    And for the profile, we will select the best photos, which will then be professionally processed

  • Trainings with a psychologist

    It is well known that the psychology
    of men and women is different.
    Our experienced psychologists
    will help you understand
    men, the nature of
    relationships, discover
    the beauty of your inner
    voice and achieve
    harmony - the first step
    on every path of happiness

Legal support service

Everyone has to do their job at a high level. In the legal field, we delegate the authority to professionals in their field. These are international lawyers, both in Ukraine and abroad, with their companies and partners. Each of our lawyers understands and is ready to defend the women’s interests. Our lawyer, filling out and checking the documents of a man, including tax returns, first of all takes into account the protection and safety of the interests of each woman. When moving to another country, you can be sure that all potential risks are minimized. With knowledge of both Ukrainian and foreign law, a representative of our company can advise on the most successful solutions in any delicate situation. The man pays for legal support services. In the course of communication with our lawyers, he understands and accepts the responsibility that he takes on

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